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Traditional and contemporary windows

Suppliers of traditional or contemporary high performance triple glazed windows. Our range of window manufacturers have been carefully selected over many years to provide our clients with a choice of high performance designs and styles. Aluminium clad timber and aluminium windows in various styles.

Our original concept as a company was to offer the market place a selection of high specification double or triple glazed windows and doors sourced from the world's finer manufacturers. All have a company history that represents the very best in material components and performance and all are recognised as specialists in their field. All offer a performance that will withstand the harshest of external weather and retain precious internal heat through high performance glazing. Our Swedish and Danish suppliers are considered to be the pioneers of future external joinery with composite multi material frame constructions and glazing performances that are beyond even the highest energy ratings in the UK!


As a company, our service is not just about filling a hole in the wall but in understanding your needs and specifiying a window product that will function to the best of it's ability, be constructed to perform in it's given location and to look asthetically pleasing and compliment it's surrounding building facade.

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